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Attending a "Live Event" in Teams

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To watch a live event, use a modern web browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari), as other and older browsers may not work.

Joining A Live Event

Open the live event link, to join the event.  You may choose to watch in the Teams app (requires signing in to an account - not provided), or watch on the web (recommended).  If you are joining on the web, you may choose to sign in to an account or join anonymously.

Teams Live Event Login Screenshot

If the live event hasn't started, you'll see the message "The live event has not yet started."  

Live Event Not Yet Started Screenshot

As an attendee of a live event in Teams, you can watch live events and participate in the moderated Q&A (if enabled). You cannot share audio or video.

Asking Questions During A Live Event

If Q&A has been enabled for the Live Event you are attending, you may be able to ask questions to the presenters. To ask a question, click "Ask a Question".  Questions are moderated by staff, and may not be published or answered. 

Ask Question Live Event Screenshot

Accessibility Options in Live Events

On the live event, or if watching the recording, you may use the closed-captions (CC) feature at the bottom-right of the window, including settings for size, transparency, and language (if available).

Captions Screenshot

Once the live event is over, you can still watch the recording using the same link, if the organizer chose to make the recording available.

Something Else?

Need more help?  Click here to email a live event organizer