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Bus Ridership Eligibility Fees & Registration

Pearland ISD makes school bus transportation available free of charge to students who live two-or-more miles from their school of attendance. Transportation may be available in some areas for a fee to students living less than two miles from their zoned campus of attendance.

Bus Rider Registration

Students must be registered annually for bus service. Students who are not registered for bus service will not be scheduled on a route. To register for bus service, complete the form found within the student’s Skyward parent access account.

Service Address

Students will only be scheduled to receive transportation service to/from one address. The student’s residence address will be the default service address.

A parent or guardian may request an alternate service address for one of the following:

  • A grandparent’s address (may be grandparent, great grandparent, or step-grandparent/great grandparent). Other relatives do not meet this requirement.*
  • A licensed childcare provider (in-home or commercial)*

* Grandparent or childcare provider must be located within the attendance boundary for the student’s campus and be located at an existing stop on an existing route. If the grandparent or daycare is located less than 2 miles from the student’s school, then bus fees will be charged for service regardless of the eligibility from the student’s own residence address.

To request an alternate service address, the parent or guardian must come in person to the Transportation Department to complete the request form.

Students' bus assignments and stop locations must be the same both AM and PM and consistent each day of the week.

Students will not be permitted to have a schedule that alternates between two residences in the case of shared custody.

Optional Bus Fee Program

Transportation may be available to students who live within two-miles of their campus of attendance through the optional bus fee program.

Families choosing to participate in the optional bus fee service will be charged fees according to the following fee schedule:

  1 Student 2 Students 3 or more Students
Regular Rate $640/yr
Reduced Lunch Eligible $320/yr
Free Lunch Eligible $160/yr


  • Bus fees are automatically charged to the student's account through Skyward for the entire school year. (Fees may not appear in the student's account until October or after.)
  • There are no reduced rates for students who ride only AM or PM, or who do not ride daily.
  • If a student discontinues riding the bus, the parent or guardian may contact the Transportation Department for an adjustment on the account.
  • Families experiencing a financial hardship may contact the Transportation Department to request a one-time reduction in fees. Fees shall not be completely waived for any student participating in this optional service.
  • Bus fees may be paid through Skyward in full or monthly. Bus fees may also be paid by check or money order made payable to "Pearland ISD" and mailed to the Transportation Department at 3202 E. Plum, Pearland, Texas 77581. A $20.00 fee will be charged for checks returned due to insufficient funds. Be certain the student's name is on the check for proper credit.
  • Bus service may be suspended for unpaid fees. The parent or guardian may request to have service reinstated, but it is subject to the delinquent payments being made and the availability of route service and capacity to accommodate the student.
  • Outstanding bus fees will not impact a student's eligibility to participate in campus activities, but may result in removal from transportation services and withholding of the student's report card.

Bus Rider Registration

To register your child for bus service, access the form available in the online student registration packet in your child's Skyward account.

Bus routes and schedules are based upon students who are registered for service, so there may be up to a 5-day waiting period after services are requested before service may begin.