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Bus Routes and Stops 2023-2024

Bus routes and stops are designed to operate as efficiently as possible while still meeting the needs of the students. Changes to routes and stops may be made at any time in response to ridership, construction, traffic patterns, etc.

Typically, bus stops are designated at street corners and at landmarks (such as community parks, community mailboxes, etc.) In some areas, stops may be designated at specific addresses.

Students may be required to walk to their nearest bus stop location. The following guide may be used for determining walk-to-stop distance:

Elementary Students: Up to 0.15 mile
Secondary Students: Up to 0.25 mile

Due to dead-end roadways, gated communities, or other areas that are otherwise inaccessible by bus, students may be required to walk in excess of the walk-to-stop distances indicated above.

Students will be allowed to board and exit the bus only at their designated bus stop location.

Service to bus stops may be discontinued or stops eliminated due to low ridership or non-use at any point during the year.

Bus route information can be found using the Infofinder I application.

Service Address

Students will only be scheduled to receive transportation service to/from one address. The student’s residence address will be the default service address.

A parent or guardian may request an alternate service address for one of the following:
  • A grandparent’s address (may be grandparent, great grandparent, or step-grandparent/great grandparent). Other relatives do not meet this requirement.*
  • A licensed childcare provider (in-home or commercial)*

* Grandparent or childcare provider must be located within the attendance boundary for the student’s campus and be located at an existing stop on an existing route. If the grandparent or daycare is located less than 2 miles from the student’s school, then bus fees will be charged for service regardless of the eligibility from the student’s own residence address.

To request an alternate service address, the parent or guardian must come in person to the Transportation Department to complete the request form.

Students' bus assignments and stop locations must be the same both AM and PM and consistent each day of the week.

Students will not be permitted to have a schedule that alternates between two residences in the case of shared custody.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Students

In the interest of student safety, students in Pre-K and Kindergarten will only be released from the bus to an approved adult.

At the time of registration, parents/guardians must designate a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the registration form. This PIN will be required to be provided to the driver either verbally or visibly (by holding up a sign visible to the driver) by any person present to receive the student at the bus stop. If the number matches the driver's information, the student will be released.

If a Pre-K or Kindergarten student rides the bus with a brother or sister in 1st grade or higher. he or she may be released from the bus with the sibling if the parent has authorized this on the registration form.

If no person is present at the stop with the proper PIN to receive a student, the student will be returned to school for supervision. Once a student has been returned to school twice, the process to suspend bus service will begin.

Route Services for Students Attending PACE Center

Students attending the PACE Center will ride buses that serve Turner High School. In the morning, once the bus arrives at Turner High School, students will board a shuttle bus to PACE. In the afternoons, students will be shuttled from PACE to Turner High School to board their route buses for home.

Route Services for Students Assigned to Alternative Learning Academy (ALA)

Bus service is not available for students assigned to the Alternative Learning Academy.