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Special Services

The Pearland ISD Transportation Department strives to provide appropriate bus service for students with special needs, ensuring their right to access a free and appropriate public education.

Transportation Information Form:

Students requiring special transportation must be registered with the Transportation Department before special transportation can be arranged. This process begins when the admission, review and dismissal (ARD) committee meets and determines that special education is needed as a related service.

Once the ARD meeting has concluded, the parent/guardian will complete the Transportation Information Form (form must be filled out completely and accurately). Once the form is completed and signed, Special Programs staff will review and forward it to the Transportation Department to schedule the student for bus service. There may be a three-day turnaround before service begins. (Transportation arrangements that may necessitate establishing a new route or significantly alter existing route services may require a longer length of time to complete.)

Parents/guardians must complete a new Transportation Information Form annually for the student to ensure information is accurate and updated. When the parent requires a change in transportation service for his/her child, a new Transportation Information Form must be completed through the Special Programs staff at the campus. There may be a three-day turnaround before service begins.

Transportation Services:

Transportation is provided in curb-to-curb service for students with special needs, with the bus picking up the student as close as practical to the home and delivering him/her to the campus bus loading zone, where campus staff will receive the student.

Because of neighborhood design or other safety factors, it may not be possible in all locations to pick up students directly in front of their homes. Bus drivers will not be responsible for approaching or entering any home to pick up or drop off a student.

Time Schedule:

At the beginning of the school year, parents/guardians will receive an email with their child's bus rotue information and schedule. Every effort will be made to adhere to this time. However, when changes occur (such as adding or removing students from the route), parents/guardians will be notified about the schedule adjustment.

Please ensure your child is ready to board the bus 5-7 minutes before the anticipated arrival time. If the bus arrives and the student is not ready to board, the driver will wait three minutes before proceeding on the route. Drivers will not honk to alert you to bus arrival.

Passenger Safety Restraint Systems:

Special service buses are equipped with seatbelts, and riders are required to wear them. In addition to seatbelts, supplemental passenger safety restraints are available, such as car seats and safety vests. For information on these supplemental passenger safety restraints, contact the Special Programs office.

Student Behavior:

Special consideration is taken for students with special needs who have difficulty maintaining appropriate behavior. Drivers and monitors participate in training on best methods to address inappropriate behavior. However, behavior that jeopardizes the safety of the student or anyone else on the bus will not be tolerated. If a bus arrives and a student is behaving in a way that could jeopardize safety, he/she will not be transported at that time. If behavior improves, the parent may contact the Transportation Department to pick up the child later or transport the student himself/herself.

Change in Personnel:

Sometimes a substitute driver or monitor (or both) may be sent on a route. When this happens, it is not possible to notify each student’s parent/guardian. However, when a permanent change in driver or monitor occurs, parents/guardians of each student will be notified.

Authorizing Others to Receive Your Child:

The Transportation Information Form allows parents/guardians to designate others who are permitted to receive their child from the bus if they cannot. These individuals must be prepared to show proof of ID to the driver before the student will be released from the bus. If positive ID is not provided or that person is not listed on the Transportation Information Form, the student will be returned to school.

Stop Locations:

Students will not be permitted to have fluctuating locations to be picked up and dropped off during the week. Fluctuating schedules introduce a safety risk to the student. Exception: The pick-up location may be different from the drop-off location, if it is indicated on the Transportation Information Form.

Alternative locations may be designated on the student's Transportation Information form for pick-up and/or drop-off. Locations that are not located within the attendance boundary of the student's school of attendance may not be able to be supported.

Driver and Monitor Responsibilities:

The driver and monitor are responsible for ensuring safe transportation of students. However, they are not responsible for conveying verbal or written messages between the teacher and parent/guardian or for transferring medication between home and school.

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