• Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

    Master's Degree in Anatomy and Physiology

    Certification in Physical Education and Health Education

  • Welcome to my class...

    Coach Buck's office is located in the back athletic hallway on the PHS SNGC campus. 

    Coach Buck's office phone number is 281-412-1606.

    Physical Education - the purpose of physical education is to help the student develop both physically and socially.

    Activities - Activities will include a wide array of team and individual sports.  The sports or games are designed to improve individual student physical fitness as well as being fun and enjoyable.

    Grading - Grading will be based primarily on each student dressing out daily as well as participating daily.  Dressing out and participation will constitute 60% of the six weeks grade.  20% of the grade will be based in skill mastery of the unit and 20% will be based on written exams.

    PE Uniforms - All students are required to have a school issued PE shirt.  The cost is $5.  Any questions about the PE shirt fees contact Coach Buckelew. 


    Conference Times: 1:30-2:15