Mr. Rusty Bucy



Degrees and Certifications:

B.A.: Communications Certifications: Math, Speech, Health, and P.E.

Mr. Rusty Bucy

Hey guys!

I just wanted to welcome you to my class by letting you know a bit about myself.  I am a Katy High School graduate that went on to attend Texas Tech University as a collegiate athlete (football).  After obtaining my bachelor's degree, I went in to coaching and have been involved with secondary education for 14 years.  I have taught every math subject from Algebra I to Pre-Calculus and am really looking forward to working with the Calculus students this year.  I have a wide variety of interests including reading, writing, fitness, drawing, video games, and horror movies.  I truly believe in living a well rounded lifestyle, and pride myself on modeling that for my students. 

  • Tutorials:

    M, T, Th:  2:30-3:00

    Willing to meet most mornings at 6:40 with prior notice


    Conference Period:  9:00-9:45


    Distance Learning Update:

    Hey Guys!  I hope all is well with you and your family.  Truth be told, we are all just figuring out how to best proceed.  Initially, we will start this process with Khan Academy and Canvas access.  As I unlock more ways to provide you guys necessary information, instruction, and access to me, I will put that information here.  I am currently planning on getting a remind account, finding ways to post more videos online, getting critical AP Test Practice to you, and making myself available for video conferencing (fingers crossed).  Please be patient but we will figure this out.  What has absolutely remained unchanged, is that we have a VERY challenging test to prepare for, and I've said from the beginning that I want 60% pass rate minimum.  I do not concede to a challenge.  I am going to take this opportunity to improve aspects of my instruction that previously remained less polished (no, I'm still not updating the board behind my desk ;). 

    What I need is 3 things from you to make this happen:

    1. Spread the word.  Check here every couple of days for an update until we have a better means to communicate (hopefully soon).  Direct all your friends from my class to here please!

    2. Self accountability.  The Limits Review Unit Test I made available on Khan Academy is the same one we did last year.  It is excellent review!  We were going to do it anyways.  It is imperative that you take the reviewing and learning of this content seriously.  When that test arrives in May, your success or your failure will be a direct result of YOUR preparation.  I am a spotter.  You have to do the heavy lifting! (I'll work on my analogies:-/)

    3. If you have any suggestions or run into any problems, please let me know!  You guys are better with technology than I am.  Help a brother out!


    In all seriousness, take care of your health and your family above all else.  I appreciate your hard work and positive attitudes up to this point in the school year and look forward to seeing you again.  But until that time, we aren't dropping the ball now (Jagger wake up!)




    Week of 3/23/20 Update:  Just to keep you guys in the loop I wanted to give you a brief outlook for the week.  This first week is not about pushing out a lot of content.  In fact, most of what you will have to work on this week has already been provided below.  This week I will be finishing up grades for the T3, looking in to a Remind101 account, learning how to create/upload video lessons, and learning how to host video conferencing.


    I thoroughly enjoyed our video conference this morning!  Thanks to everyone for showing up!  Let's get more there!  I'll be available again Thursday morning 8-9am.  Stay healthy!



    Current Assignments:

    AB Calculus:  Sign up for Remind: CLASS CODE IS @2b2bh8 SPREAD THE WORD PLEASE!


    Khan Academy Review:  Unit Test Limits (no new content will be provided until I hear otherwise)

    Suggested Practice: N2K: Write down ALL of your derivative/integral identities and get some unit circle practice in

    Calculus: More Factoring and quadratics (YES!!!!) review on Khan Academy


    PAP Pre-Calculus:  Khan Academy over function transformations, KA: completing the square practice has been added



    Now if that doesn't sound like a good time then I just don't know how to have fun.