Degrees and Certifications:

MEd - Instructional Design & Technology BBA - Business Management w/Minor Comp Sci AAS - Data Processing AAS - Accounting Ed Certifications: Business Education, Technical Education, Computer Science, GT Academy Industry Certifications: A+, Network+, Photoshop, Adobe Captivate

Mr. Gorse

Greetings! This is my 16th year Teaching at PHS. My prior careers included Network Design & Engineering, IT Management, Web Design and Marketing, Internet Start-ups and Accounting. Each of these roles has given me a diverse foundation that helps me teach classes that inspire students to expand their interest in Business, IT and Computer Science careers.

In addition to Pre-AP Computer Science and AP Computer Science, I have taught a broad range of CTE classes including A+ Computer & Network+ Certifications, Business Multimedia, Web Design, Principles of IT, Computer Programming, Microsoft Office (BIM), Entrepreneurship, Business Law and Money Matters.

In both 2015 and 2016 I was chosen to receive grants from the PISD Education Foundation that I used to acquire Android Tablets for my Pre-AP Comp Sci classes in which we designed and built Android Apps using App Inventor. Students loved seeing their Apps live on the Tablets! Watch the video about Android Tablets in the classroom!

I sponsor the PHS Computer Science Club which continues to grow each year. Members are challenged to expand their programming skills and will have the opportunity to compete at UIL Events and other competitions.

This year's line-up includes 3 sections of Pre-AP Computer Science and 1 section of AP Computer Science and 2 sectionS of Money Matters.


Please Check Student Grades & Attendance on Skyward


    Pre-AP Computer Science - 6.0

    Students will learn effective use of Software Development applications
    to build a foundation in data logic structures and terminology
    then we will apply those concepts as we learn Java programming.

    We'll learn programming using Scratch & Python 1st Semester,
    and then learn Java Programming 2nd Semester.

    Prerequisite for AP Computer Science

    AP Computer Science A - 6.0

    Students will learn effective use of Java in Software Development
    leveraging a foundation in data logic structures and terminology
    as they prepare for the AP Computer Science Exam.

    Advanced Topics in IT and Java Programming are covered.

    Effective 2018-19: AP CSA will now count as two credits,
    one for Math and one for LOTE.

    Money Matters - 4.0

    Students will learn basics of money management, saving, spending and investing for retirement. 
    Develop critical-thinking skills to analyze financial options based on current and projected economic factors.
    Learn methods of achieving long-term financial goals through investments and financial planning concepts.
    Students will learn to use MS Excel Software and can earn a professional certification in Excel
    (NEW in 2021).

    Dave Ramsey online videos & workbook, online sites & tools, MS Excel Software.


    Tutorials and More...

    All students are required to monitor
    Skyward for grades & CANVAS for assignments.

    Tutorial Appointments available.


    2:40 - 3:10


     Conference 4th

    Lunch 5C


    Computer Science Club

    Meets: TBD

    Cyber Scholars Club

    Meets: TBD



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