Anatomy and Physiology (Honors) & Environmental Systems 

  • Regina List-Grace, M.Ed.

    Conference Periods: First Period M-F

    Tutorials: Wednesday before/after School and at student request

    Room 1648D

  • A&P



    I expect a mature working environment that can always be fun, safe, pleasant, physically and emotionally comfortable and, at appropriate times, industriously noisy. I will strive to eliminate inappropriate obstacles to student learning whether they be human or otherwise, to maintain an atmosphere of responsible learning. Follow common-sense guidelines of:

    1. A) respect for all
    2. B) honor and integrity
    3. C) self-restraint



    If you need additional assistance with assignments, homework, or makeup work, I am here most mornings from 6:30 until 7:00 (unless I have duty) as well as the listed duty times. If you need additional time, please ask for a special appointment. I can always be reached for the answers to questions via email - -

    Should you need to schedule a personal conference, please email me and I will be happy to talk with you. 


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