"Books may well be the only true magic." ~Alice Hoffman



Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Liberal Studies from California State University Northridge Certified in Self-contained 1-8, ELAR 4-8, ELAR 8-12, Special Education EC-12, GT Supplemental, and ESL Supplemental

Mrs. Heumann

I have been a teacher for way too many years to print.  Trust me...it's been a while.  I have always loved to read...or at least ever since I went to college.  Before that, not so much.  Ironically, I am a reading teacher.  I love to write, too, and have ever since I could hold a pencil.  Just take a look at any of my picture books from my childhood and you'll see.  Aside from that, I love to teach and pass my love of reading on to my students.  I try to instill a love of books - particularly fiction - in my kids.  Through a love of books, kids become so much more tolerant, understanding, and compassionate of others, and that is the ultimate goal.  Through writing, and doing it well, kids become advocates for others as their imaginations blossom with new ideas for a better world, and what could be better than that?

I hope you'll visit my site often; I add new book recommendations all the time, so come back and see what there is to be had!

  • On this site you will find a list of great books to read, information about those books, and a class calendar.  I will probably update the list of books more often than I'll update my class calendar, but please email me if you would like information about what we're doing in class.  I do NOT assign homework.  If a kid isn't finished with something, they may need to finish it at home, but I don't give them excess work to do beyond that.  Encourage them to read for pleasure.  It's the best thing they can do!