1. You will find a tab for Science and Social Studies. Please try to complete 2 assignments for both subjects each week. If you are unable to, that is okay! You will be able to work on them in the upcoming weeks. The assignments will stay available to you.

    2. If you need help with something, or have any questions, please email me at whiteners@pearlandisd.org.  I check my email throughout the day. 

    3. My designated "office hours" beginning next week, will be on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 - 12:00. Although I will be checking my computer throughout the day, this is the time when I will be sitting at my computer to answer questions by email. 

    4. Please remember that things may change as we go. I understand that this is very new, and will take time to adjust. I always remind you to try your best, and that is what I want you to do now. I will update my website frequently, so please check it periodically. I will also communicate via email with updates.

    5. Most of all, know that I am thinking of each of you! There has been some concern about Princess. Please know that she is being well cared for!