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    Welcome to 5th and 6th Grade Art at Rogers! We are so excited to get this semester started and begin creating wonderful projects with different techniques and talents.

    Sixth grade art students will come to art everyday and 5th grade students will have me for a 9 week period this year. The 5th graders will also have Mrs. St John for a 9 week period of Art this year. 

    For 6th Grade Art Students, there will be a $10 fee that will be on Skyward after the first 3 weeks grading period. 

    *All students (5th and 6th graders) will need to bring their own art supplies to class each time they come. 

    All of our expectations and procedures are listed on my Canvas page. We can't wait to get this year started!

    If you have any questions during the year, please contact us with a phone call or an e-mail at hinshawl@pearlandisd.org or inbox me on Canvas.

    Thank You,

    Lorie Hinshaw 

    Art Teacher

    Rogers Middle School









     2021-2022  Art Schedule

    8:05-8:30- Duty in the Cafeteria -everyday


    6th Grade Art

    8:40-9:25- 6th Grade 

    9:25-10:10- 6th Grade

    10:10-10:55 - 6th Grade

    10:55-11:40 - 6th Grade


    11:35-12:22 Conference


    5th Grade Art

    1:25-1:10- 5th Grade 5G


    1:10-1:40- Lunch


         1:40-2:25  - 5th Grade  5T

                            2:25-3:10- 5th Grade 5I                  

                  3:15-3:55- 5th Grade 5R           

    4:10-                  Duty in Fine Arts Hallway EverydayImage result for school supplies clipart