• 6th Science and Social Studies 

    Hello Students and Parents:

    As we navigate these uncertain times, I pray everyone stays safe and healthy. Please click on the specific subject to access resources. Please do not hesitate to send an email or a dojo message if you have any questions, comments or concerns. I will be checking in every few hours and do my best to respond as soon as possible during school hours. If you need to set up a specific meeting time, simply send an email or dojo message. 


    Casi Blackmon

    6th Grade Science & World Cultures

    Alexander Middle School

    3001 Old Alvin Road

    Pearland, TX 77581




  • For both subjects, you will need to look at the lesson plans for the correct week and follow the instructions to complete the assignments!


    Your online Science textbook is called Accelerated Learning- STEMScopes and your Social Studies is McGraw Hill. Your login to both is the same username and password you use to login on any computer at school! The links to these are on the Science and Social Studies pages.


    Social Studies

    I have included printable PDF versions of your  geography now quizzes that will need to be completed on Skyward in the links on the Social Studies page. You are welcome to print these out and use them as you watch the video. Then you can just transpose your answers into the Skyward quiz online. I know that doing a quiz through Skyward is something new but you can do it! Just login to your Skyward account and look for the correct name of the assignment on that page thread. You are super smart and way more computer savvy than I am so if I can figure out how to put these into Skyward I have NO doubt that you can figure out how to take the quizzes. :)



    On the Science lesson plans for each week please be sure to start with Engage and work your way down through the 5E model without skipping ahead. These plans have been designed to help you learn the curriculum. The Extensions Of Learning is just extra if you would like more to do!