• I am very excited to start the new school year and get to know all of my new students.  I know that, together, we can make this a successful year!


      After I graduated high school here in Houston, I went to Fordham University in New York and graduated in 1997 with a business degree in finance and marketing.  I wasn’t quite ready to come home, so I worked in Manhattan for seven years as an account executive for Ralph Lauren corporate offices.

      I always knew I wanted to teach, but didn’t get the gumption to try until I had my fill of the big city.  I went back to school (Coastal Carolina University) and completed my second degree in education.  Then I made my parents happy by convincing my husband to move back to Houston.  I always knew I was a Texas girl at heart.

      I am currently finishing up my masters degree in educational leadership and principal certification. I will be walking the stage in December for graduation. It is important that my students know that we never stop learning and growing. Our goal is to be life-long learners and to be a better version of ourselves than the one we were the day before.

      I am a huge Longhorn fan and will cheer for them until my last breath, but I do have close friends who are Aggies and that friendship has only grown stronger through our healthy rivalry.

     My daughter, Lilah, was born December 25, 2010 and is growing and changing everyday. I share stories about her and show the students pictures as she gets older. I never realized that time goes by so fast when you are raising children. This year she will be in third grade and is so excited about being back in school.

      I love animals and currently have two dogs.  I treat them like my children and constantly talk about them like a doting parent. Both are rescue dogs, so I try to stay away from shelters because I would want to take them all home.

      I feel that all my students are a part of my family and I want them to succeed and grow as any parent would. 

     Very Sincerely,

     Trish Robinson

    6th ELA (ELA Department Lead)

    Generalist Grades 4-8

    ESL Certified