Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Patterson


The objective of my class, physical education, is to educate students on how to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  The students will be expected to perform an aerobic exercise each day as a warm-up.  Warm-ups consist of weights, abdominal exercise, leg exercise and cardiovascular activity. Various sports will be taught throughout the year ex: volleyball, basketball.  All students are expected to dress out everyday and a participation grade is given.  Every student will need to purchase a $20 uniform that they will waer everyday. There will be extra uniforms available for purchase.  It is minus 3pts per item , and 20pts for non-participation.  Students are given an opportunity for extra credit to get back points lost due to not having correct clothing.  Any time a student misses class for any reason they are responsible for a one page essay over any sport or health and nutrition article.  Please encourage your daughter to come prepared for class everyday ready to work hard.

The goal of our class is to have students understand and live a healthier life.  We will do exercises everyday in my class and then do a different activity.   


Tutorial Times:

Mon.,,Thurs.:  8:00am-8:25am