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Bachelors in Poly Sci/History Social studies composite 7-12 cert. US History 1st,2nd,3rd Remind: #81010 Text @c77g7a US History 4th & 5th Remind number:81010 Text:@4ee498 Volleyball 8B Remind #81010 Text:@ 7977af Basketball 7A Remind number:81010 Text:@ c3b24f

Coach Morse

The ability to be successful is determined by

your integrity, dedication, belief in yourself, and 


Know that I will not give up

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  • Coach Morse

    Meet the Teacher


    US History

    Tutoring Times

    Tues & Thurs mornings and Fri afternoon by appt.

    Coach Morse Syllabus/Expectations


     Hi, I am Coach Morse and I welcome you to PJHS 8th grade U.S. History.  I am excited about being your U.S. History teacher/historian for this year, I also coach 8th grade girls’ volleyball and basketball.  We are going to have a great school year as you become historians, navigating, and exploring through 400+ years of U.S. History. This class, explore all aspects and perspectives of the content along with projects, debates, class elections, and much more. I promote a team environment where students can work collaboratively and have open discussions when the subject matter allows it. We will all work together to achieve success in U.S. History this year.  I will work with students together and individually (Teams, Zoom, in-person) to ensure he/she is a success in my class. All students are unique, and I am excited to build relationships with each of you with mutual respect and dedication to your education.

    Class Room supply List- top 3 will be used daily for notes and a place to put complete projects and work. We have 9 units so notes and work will be broken into their unit.

    1-1 1/2 inch binder

    2-3 packages of paper

    2- sets of 5 dividers (we will use 9)

    1- pack of pencils

    1-2 box of Kleenex

    1- pack glue sticks

    1- Hand sanitizer


    Advanced Classes Grade Expectations:

     Students should maintain a minimum grade of 80 (preferably 85) or above. Students should turn in assignments on time and complete their work. The goal is for all my students to receive a better understanding of our history and score Master’s Grade Level on STAAR.

    Everyday needs in-class  A laptop or tablet is needed for this class when we use Canvas; phones are not a good alternative and not capable of doing all the online activities you will be required to do. I will be doing a hybrid model with paper and online assignments using  the Canvas platform. It is important that every student in-class is prepared for class, ready for instruction, and ready to work bell to bell (the entire class period). Pencils are a necessary part of this class and you are required to bring them.  Pencils are not provided by the school, if you would like you can donate pencils to the cause so students can be given a pencil if they forget one. (please make sure you have them). Students also need to bring atleast a box of tissues as we all know that students need to blow their nose etc.  I also would like a box of sandwich bags so students can put cut outs into them for safe keeping instead of loose in backpack or folder.

    Grading: All tests and projects are 60% of student’s grade and 40% consists of daily assignments, homework, note taking in class/online, and other daily tasks. This applies to all learners.

    Class time: Be alert and attentive, ready to learn, in-class. Each day students will have bell work (consists of vocabulary, multiple choice, open ended questions, thread in Canvas etc. or paper assignment) that will take 5-10 minutes at the beginning of class. (Being on time and prepared is a requirement for my class.) We will have content vocabulary that consists of assignments/homework/discussions/ and quizzes/tests this is a vital part of the content and is a high priority for my classes. There will be daily assessments in Canvas or in-class with independent work in Canvas or on paper for all students. 

    Behavior Expectations Overview: The education of every student is important to me and is valued to the fullest; by myself, teachers, and administrators. Every student has the right to learn in an environment that allows learning without major disruptions from others. The following expectations are non- negotiables in my classroom. Follow directions, do not talk while I am talking, be honest, respectful to all, and responsible.  Staying on task and following directions will keep students out of trouble. I will follow the campus guidelines for discipline including student conferences, parent contact, detentions and so on.


    Let's have a great year. I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you in-class and building great relationships with all of you.

    Coach Morse 


    Thank You for all your support