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    GT/Advanced US History

    Coach Morse Syllabus/Expectations


     Hi, I am Coach Morse and I welcome you to PJHS 8th grade Advanced U.S. History.  I am excited about being your U.S. History teacher/historian for this unique year, and for the challenges that it will bring to all in-person and remote learners. I understand this year will be different due to the current situation (Covid-19) and we will adapt and overcome any obstacles we face, as we all become a part of history this year. I also coach 8th grade girls’ volleyball and basketball.  We are going to have a great school year as you become historians, navigating, and exploring through 400+ years of U.S. History. This will be a high paced class, exploring all aspects and perspectives of the content along with projects, debates, class elections, and much more. I promote a team environment where students can work collaboratively (Canvas Discussion/Teams/Zoom) and have open discussions when the subject matter allows it. We will all work together to achieve success in U.S. History this year.  I will work with students together and individually (Teams, Zoom, in-person) to ensure he/she is a success in my class. All students are unique, and I am excited to build relationships with each of you with mutual respect and dedication in your education.

    Advanced Grade Expectations: Students should maintain a minimum grade of 80 (preferably 85) or above. Students should turn in assignments on time and complete their work. The goal is for all my students to receive a better understanding of our history and score Master’s Grade Level on STAAR.

    Everyday needs in-class/remote: A laptop or tablet is needed for this class daily; phones are not a good alternative and not capable of doing all the online activities you will be required to do. I understand some students may have difficulty with this until they receive a district laptop, the district should provide temporary laptops until your laptops are in. I will work with anyone who has issues with devices, you will just need let me know. Students will need a 3- subject spiral, pencils, glue sticks and a folder with brads.  We will also try to utilize one notebook through Canvas. It is important that every student in-class and remote is prepared for class, ready for instruction, and ready to work bell to bell (the entire class period). Pencils are a necessary part of this class and you are required to bring them.  Pencils are not provided by the school and cannot be reused (please make sure you have them).

    Grading: All tests and projects are 60% of student’s grade and 40% consists of daily assignments, homework, note taking in class/online, and other daily tasks. This applies to all in-class/remote learners.

    Class time: Be alert and attentive, ready to learn, in-class or remote. Laptops will need to be out as soon as student enters the class and should be logging into Canvas (log-in will be same as last year). Each day students will have bell work (consists of vocabulary, multiple choice, open ended questions, thread in Canvas etc.) that will take 5-10 minutes at the beginning of class. (Being on time and prepared is a requirement for my class with in-class and remote learners). We will have content vocabulary that consists of assignments/homework/discussions/ and quizzes/tests this is a vital part of the content and is a high priority for my classes. There will be daily assessments in Canvas and in-class with independent work in Canvas for in-class and remote

    Behavior Expectations Overview: The education of every student is important to me and is valued to the fullest; by myself, teachers, and administrators. Every student has the right to learn in an environment that allows learning without major disruptions from others. The following expectations are non- negotiables in my classroom. Follow directions, do not talk while I am talking, be honest, respectful to all, and responsible.  Staying on task and following directions will keep students out of trouble. I will follow the campus guidelines for discipline including student conferences, parent contact, detentions and so on.

    Let us have a great year and understand we might have to adjust our thinking. I look forward to meeting and talking with all of you in-class and remotely.  I hope we all return to class soon.

    Coach Morse 

                I understand a lot of teacher are doing Amazon lists, if you would like to donate anything to the US History class the most common items I need are Kleenex, hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes and disinfectant wipes and pencils for classes.