• Welcome Indo-Chinese



    Team Schedule:

    8:35 - 10:13 Sloan HR

    10:21 - 11:06 Electives (Sloan HR)

    11:14-12:07 Paynic HR (Remote)

    12:15-12:45 Lunch

    12:53 - 1:36 Paynic HR (Remote) Cont.

    1:44-3:28 Lantau HR

    3:36-4:10 PE 


    Conference Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays (3:36-4:10)



    Need to know info:

    • Tiger Folders: Every Thursday students will take home a Tiger Folder containing graded assignments, school announcements and Class Dojo Reports. Signed Class Dojo Reports and Tiger Folders are to be returned by the following Monday. Students will receive negative Dojo points every day that they are not returned. The following consequences will follow: 1)Monday- Negative Dojo points 2)Tuesday- Negative Dojo points plus lunch detention 3)Wednesday- Negative Dojo points plus lunch detention plus morning detention
    • Weekly IXL'S are assigned every Monday and are due the following Sunday before they go to bed with an 80% or higher. IXL'S ARE NOT ACCEPTED LATE
    • Weekly Math Arcs are assigned every Monday and are graded in class first thing every Friday.



     School phone number:  832-736-6700     



Degrees and Certifications: