Mrs. Laird, Math

Phone: (281) 997-3900


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Mathematics from Texas A&M University Texas Certified to teach Math Grades 4-8

Mrs. Laird, Math

Hi!  I'm excited to start my 17th year teaching junior high mathematics!  I've been in the district 15 years, and 12 of those years have been at Berry Miller JH.  I love my family, my students, and all things Disney.  :)

This year will be unlike any other.  Classrooms will be different, daily procedures will be different, and the way students learn will be different.  Even with all these changes, I will do my best to make this experience as seamless as possible.  I update Canvas regularly, and I communicate frequently through Canvas messenger (to the students), Remind, and Skyward email.  Whether I teach in person or online, I'm confident my classroom will be a space will students will flourish.

Teachers are now back at work, so you may see more updates to this website.  My class schedule is listed below, but it could certainly change at any time before school starts.  More specific detail (class syllabus, calendar, assignments, etc) will be available on my Canvas class that students will be able to access the week before school starts.

  • Please click here to join me in Teams for Meet the Teacher!

    Due to the weather the Meet the Teacher will be rescheduled.  Once we have that information I will post it here and on my Canvas class.

    Update (8/27): I'm told we'll try and hold virtual Meet the Teacher next Friday (9/4).  There are A LOT of items for us to cover before the first day of school, so Meet the Teacher may be pushed back until then.  Also, your student has access to Canvas, but the courses won't show up until Sunday evening.


    This year, I plan to flip my classroom.  This is new to me, but I'm confident I can make it work for all learners.  In a flipped classroom, the students will watch a video at home for homework and complete a set of notes (the video may have embedded quiz questions to check for understanding).  During class the next day, students will work on the independent assignment.  

    Here's an example of our daily routine:

    Monday night (homework) - watch video over Order of Operations and fill in provided notes

    Tuesday during class - The students will always begin with a warm up (usually stems from building blocks of current topic).  After we're done going over the warm up, they'll ask any clarifying questions.  If they need for me to work additional problems, I can work those out under my document camera, which both the face to face and virtual learners will see.  Once there are no more questions, students will work on their independent assignment over Order of Operations.  I'll still be available to assist either face to face or virtual learners (through our TEAMS format).  Their independent assignment will be due by 11:59pm that night as an upload into Canvas.  If a student completes their work before class ends, they may start their homework for that night (video for the next day's independent work).  Please bring a set of earbuds to class daily just in case. 

    If we're workin on a particular topic that takes more than one day to cover, that 2nd day of independent work may be a Kahoot during class.  If there's an upcoming test, I will post the review early so students can pace themselves and not just study the night before.  

    The meeting links, assignments, and anything related to class will be easily identified in Canvas.  Always begin at the current calendar date to see what will happen for that day.

    This is just a sample of how I plan to organize things this year.  As you know, this situation is very fluid, so if absolutely anything changes I will do my best to communicate that in a timely matter.  

  • Skyward

    Use the above link to access your grades. Your username and password will be the same one you use to log onto the computers at school. I update grades at least twice a week, so check back often.


    Class Schedule (Updated 8/16/20)

    1st – Algebra 1

    2nd – Algebra 1

    3rd – Algebra 1

    4th – ISS

    5th – Algebra 1

    6th – Algebra 1



    Supplies Needed Everyday (Updated 8/16/20)

    • Laptop (district specifications can be found here)
    • Earbuds
    • Stylus (recommended but not required)
    • ISN - composition notebook (encouraged but not required since there will be a digital option)
    • Pencil(s) (mechanical is preferred although not required)
    • Red or Other colored Pen
    • Math Folder (some use an accordion or other binder, which is fine)
    • Gallon size ziploc bag (for the calculator)


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    *If you need to contact me regarding your student, email is the best way to reach me. I won't be able to respond to Remind messages during class time (same with email).  I will be as prompt as I can with my response.*

  • Updated (8/16/20)

    The syllabus will be available to view below once I'm able to update the information on the document.  Everything from the sequence of topics to basic daily procedures throughout our campus have been changed in some way.  I hope to get this done by the end of this week.