U.S. History 8



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    U.S. History

    Coach Peltier

    Rules and Expectations

    Welcome to the 2022-23 school year! Here are some important rules, and policies that will be used throughout this year. It is of great importance that you are aware of the items outlined below.

    Classroom Expectations

     Stay on task

    Do not leave your assigned seat w/out permission.

    Be respectful and courteous  

    Come prepared, have materials every day.

    (notebook, pen, and pencil)

    Course Outline

    ·         1st Term

    *Discovery of America and the founding of the 13 colonies




    ·         Major = 60% (Unit Tests, Projects)

    ·         Daily = 40% (Quizzes, Processing Activities,     Benchmarks, Homework)

    ·         2nd Term

    *Founding the Nation and U.S. Government


    ·         Formative: measures student progress towards learning goals

    ·         Summative: Aligns with expectations of TEKS and STAAR, including Unit Tests and Cumulative Projects

    ·         3rd Term

    *Early Years of the Nation

    Presidents Washington-Jackson

    Make up policy:

    ·         Absent students will be given the required number of days to make up work

    ·         It is the student’s responsibility to get the make-up work


    ·         4th Term

    *A nation Divides and the Civil War

    *Reconstruction to Modern America


    ·WEDNES/FRIDAY 8:00-8:35am 



    Teacher webpage:

    ·         For all assignments, dates etc. please check Canvas calendar


    CORRECTIONS for assignments are allowed. Students have the corrections information in their notes from class. 

    Contact Information:

    ·         If you need to contact me, please e-mail me at peltierc@pearlandisd.org or to schedule a meeting, call 281-997-3900


    Electronic Devices, such as cell phones, are not allowed unless specifically permitted by the teacher.

    Online Textbook:

    ·         Connected.mcgraw-hill.com

    ·         See Canvas Welcome page for link to textbook.



    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We have read the rules and expectations for U.S. History and understand that __________________________ will be responsible for all materials, class/home/late work.

    Student Signature:________________________________ Parent Signature:___________________________



    Homework: Homework will be assigned to students at the discretion of the teacher. Homework is due when Coach Peltier says it is due, usually at the beginning of the class, unless instructed differently . If you do not turn in your homework at the assigned time and place, it's late. For late work consequences, see campus rules.

    Spiral: All students are required to bring and take notes in a spiral or binder for my class, and are required to bring it to class every day. All class notes, thinking maps, diagrams, and drawings will be kept in the spiral. The spiral will be checked throughout each grading period.

    Tests: Each term students will have approximately 2-4 tests depending on the length of the term.

    Test Reviews: There will a review before each test.  Test reviews will be due on the day of the test and will be for a grade. Additional oral review of the covered material will be conducted the day of the test.

    Quizzes: Expect a quiz every week. Quizzes are daily grades. Some quizzes will be announced ahead of time, and some will be unannounced, i.e. pop quizzes.

    Textbook:  Students will not be issued a textbook to take home, each teacher has a set of textbooks that stay in the classroom. The online textbook is available for reading at home or homework.



    Skyward Access

    Text: McGraw-Hill; United States History to 1877


Phone: 281-997-3900


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Secondary Education; Social Studies Kansas State University

Mr. Peltier, 8th U.S. History





As a member of the inaugural staff, I have been teaching and coaching here at Berry Miller since 2008. I teach 8th grade U.S. History. I coach 8th grade football, basketball, and I'm also the boys' cross country and tennis coach.

In the 8th grade we examine the history of the United States from European colonization through Reconstruction after the Civil War. The students will also become familiar with the political, social, cultural, religious, and economic events that influenced the early development of our nation.  Emphasis will also be placed on the geography, government, and citizenship of the United States. We will also focus on how certain events and situations in the nation's history are directly related to the present day.