7th Grade Pre/AP ELAR and Yearbook

  • Review the terms on this review to help you when studying for the test. Also, go over the review passages you did in class. 

    Semester Review

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  • Meme

    Welcome Bobcats to a great year here in Bobcat Country. Each day, we will strive to create a positive atmosphere in our class. I know it is hard coming back from such a long break, but we will all work hard to make up for lost time. I am thrilled this year to be moving to 7th grade. I enjoyed six amazing years teaching 8th grade, but you know what they say, change is always good. This year, we will focus a lot on your writing and learn new ways to look at reading. So get ready for a great first year of junior high because Bobcats are always leading, Bobcats are always learning, and Bobcats are always pursuing personal success!! Make it a great day...the choice is always yours. #BFND 

  • Supporting Our Class


    As we start another school year, much different than ever, I want to thank you for your support of me and the students in my class. With that, I appreciate any help you can give. We are always in need of writing utensils (pens and pencils), highlighters, and colored pens. Dry erase markers, sticky notes, tissues, and, especially this year, hand sanitizer and disenfictant wipes. 

    To go with office supplies, I am always looking for books that will be of interest to my students. I strive to have a diverse collection of books for students to read. If you would like to donate a book or two (or many...lol), you can send gently used books or choose a book from my Amazon Wishlist. If  you have a book that kids will love, please make sure that it is appropriate for the YA audience.