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BFA Louisiana State University Texas Educator Certification Early Childhood - Grade 12

Mrs. LaFleur

I've added additional art activities in the Art Menu and Creative Calendar for April and May.  Choose one a day or as many as like or come up with your own ideas to keep your creative juices flowing.  Please remember to follow social distancing and follow all health guidelines at this time.  

Love, Love, Love you! 

Mrs. LaFleur

 Art Menu Creative Calendar April - May

 Art Menu & Creative Calendar


  I am so happy to teach your child/children Art this year at Sam Jamison Middle School!  To me teaching is another creative outlet for which I can tap.  I am a natural artist and have known this since the age of seven.  As I continue to develop my artistic skills and knowledge I have come to the realization of the impact art has on humanity.  I am experiencing a great need to share all that I know about creating art and being involved with educating the next generation with the depth it possesses.  The opportunity to play the smallest role in raising awareness of the gift of art is art itself!

     Students will learn all about the Elements of Art and Principles of Design and how to incorporate them in their art.  Students will also learn about art history and different art periods.  They will also be exposed to famous artists and explore art created by new artists as well.  I will offer them regular opportunities to explore art careers. 

     Several art contests will be incorporated throughout the year and students will have opportunities to experience the dedication and commitment in preparing art to be judged.  They will also learn how important correct vocabulary is when exercising art critiques.

  • Sam Jamison Middle School

    5th & 6th Grade ART 2019-2020

    Mrs. Greta P. LaFleur


    Conference Time:  11:10 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

    Weekly Art Starts/Daily Warm-ups are assigned each Monday and due each Friday.  Students have time weekly to make up missing and incomplete work.

    If an assignment has a grade below 70, students should make corrections and return the assignment the following day. They have one week to turn in missing assignments.  After that day, they will keep the grade or have a zero for the missing assignment.

    If a student is absent, they have that many days to make the assignments.


    Respect others and their belongings.

    Be prepared for class.

    Listen pay attention, follow directions, and get permission to speak or leave seat.

    Use correct behavior outside of the classroom.

    Consequences for Art accumulate for each grading period.

    1 Mark  Verbal Warning

    2 Marks  Seat Change/Redirection

    3 Marks  Phone Call

    4 Marks  Lunch Detention

    5 Marks  After School Detention/Phone Call

    6 Marks  Office Referral