• Message to Power Hour Students

    First and foremost, it is my prayer that this message finds you and your family safe!

    The assignments for Distance Learning for Power Math and Power Science will be simple to follow.


    Power Math

    Monday mornings you can find your Power Math hand out for the week. It will be removed automatically the following Sunday at midnight. You will also see the answer to the problem. Feel free to work with your classmates. The honor system will be in place. Don’t cheat yourself by not trying!

    Power Science 5th Grade

    Welcome to Power Science!

    Each week you will have a diferrent set of vocabulary from my Power Science Quizlet Vocabulary. I suggest that you write each term and definition. You will find additional activities to the left, such as; flashcards, learn, spell, gravity.

    Some weeks you will also find instructions for PowerPoint projects related to the vocabulary. You will also find an example PowerPoint you can use as a guide.

    We will also do animation projects using ABCYA animation.

    Weekly Schedule of Vocabulary:

    4/20 - 4/26      Earth's Rotation

    4/27 - 5/3        Changes to Land

    5/4   - 5/10      Inherited Traits & Learned Behaviors

    5/11 - 5/17      Interdependency

    5/18  - 5/21     Classifying Matter

    You are not required to submit your work.

    Power classes are about effort. “No Stress just do Your Best”!  

    Best Wishes!

    Mr. Prestage

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