8th Grade Science

  • Conference:

    7th period(M-F)- 3:00-3:45



    1st period- 7th Grade Athletics

    2nd period- Regular Science

    3rd period- PAP Science

    4th Period- Regular Science

    5th Period- PAP Science

    6th Period- PAP Science



    T/TH: 8:00-8:30am (tutoring may be altered during volleyball and basketball season)

    W: 4:00-4:30pm (tutoring may be changed or altered during volleyball and basketball season)


    **Always by appointment :) **


    Contact Information:

    Email- tiemanna@pearlandisd.org





      Pearland has adopted a new science textbook, Science Fusion by MacGraw-Hill. A textbook is required for science. Students will receive a paperback and ebook access for free. If lost or stolen textbooks can be purchased for about $15 of a replacement cost. The textbook is the property of the student. The ebook and associated electronic materials will run best using the Chrome browser. Firefox also works well. Explorer is the last choice with no mention so far with Safari compatibility. Your browser must be set to allow pop-ups. 


    This will be a great tool to study throughout the year to lead up to the STAAR that we have this 8th grade year :)


    Also, if he/she is absent your child will be able to access the ebook online or look through their textbook at home.


    Below is a link that that is the eBook for the Fusion Science Text Book (We are adding students into the program/eBook)



    pisd 6 digit lunch code  (One word)





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