• Response Log Directions

    Assignments for Each Week of eLearning:

    Every student is responsible for completing 3 lessons on Readtheory.org.

    Pearland ISD has asked for students to read 30 minutes a day and document their reading in a reading log. Along with your reading log, the ELA teachers will have students respond to two prompts per week. The prompt will be posted to Maldonado’s and MacPhail’s Edmodo classes, as well as our class websites.

    Directions for setting up your log in Office365 are attached. You will keep the same log from week to week and just keep adding on to the document. Share your log in Office365 with both Mrs. MacPhail and Mrs. Maldonado.

    Prompts for Week of April 6th

    Prompt #1

    Many school fundraisers involve selling candy to students. Do you support this decision? Support your opinion with specific examples.

    Prompt #2

    Pretend that you are joining the characters in the story. What items will you need to pack? Consider the setting, plot and other characters in your response. Cite text evidence for your choices.

    Prompts for Week of March 30th

    Prompt #1

    Invent a new season. Give it a name and describe it. Good descriptive writing includes vivid sensory details, figurative language such as similes and effective word choice.

    Prompt #2

    If the protagonist of your novel had the chance to speak to the entire United States on a nationally televised broadcast, what would they want America to know? Cite evidence from the text.

    Prompts for Week of March 23rd

    Prompt #1:

    You show up to school to realize that your substitute teacher is Yoda. What will you learn in class today? Tell the story. Be sure to include dialogue that has Yoda’s style of speech.

    Prompt #2

    Should the book that you are reading be turned into a movie? Make the case for why or why not and use specific examples from the text.

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