Welcome to Carleston Elementary physical education!  We are looking forward to a great year with your student.  The goal of our program is to promote physical activity as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, to help each student develop muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance, to develop positive and appropriate social skills, and to teach a variety of sports, activities, and games.



    Safety and participation are important for the success of our physical education program.  Please encourage and remind your student to wear socks and athletic type shoes that fasten or tie securely.  Sandals, crocs, slip on shoes, boots, or dress shoes make it difficult for your student to participate safely during PE. Girls should wear shorts under dresses or skirts. 



    Students are expected to participate fully in all activities unless there is a documented medical condition or limitation.  Long term limitations should be addressed with a note from a medical professional and sent to the nurse and the coaches.  A note for short term limitations, 1 – 3 days, may be turned in by the student to the coaches at the start of their class with the following information:

    student’s name, homeroom teacher, date, and date the student may return to full participation in PE activities (not to exceed three calendar days)

    PE excuse notes will apply to all PE activities and also apply to recess.  Any excused student will be expected to accompany their homeroom class to PE class. 



    Carleston Cubs

    Prove we Care in the gym by

    Acting Respectfully

    Working on being Safe

    Showing Responsibility



    *First offense – verbal warning (strike 1)

    *Second offense – reflect and correct (strike 2)

    *Third offense – conduct/participation mark recorded, non-participation for the remainder of class, behavior note sent home (strike 3)

    Grades are based upon behavior and participation.  There will be no make ups for these classes with the exception of 3rd/4th grade fitness gram scores.

    Discipline referrals/behavior reports may disqualify a student from participation in any after school activities, i.e. district track meet.


    My daily conference is 8:00-8:45am.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns via email or phone. (281-412-1412, ext. 12235) 


     Coach Rodriguez