• I graduated from Sam Houston State University in 1997, then received my Masters in Educational Technology Leadership from Lamar in 2012. I have been an Ed Tech Specialist since 2006, having served in both Alvin ISD and Pearland ISD. I'm the primary contact for Silverlake and Silvercrest campuses, and I look forward to working with teachers on my campuses throughout the school year!  Please feel free to contact me via email with questions.

      During my educational career, I was fortunate enough to receive a Fund for Teachers grant in 2013, and traveled to Peru for 19 days for a Spanish immersion experience that I will never forget! I met so many wonderful people and got to see and do so many things that I'd only ever dreamt of-like holding a sloth!  The photo at right is of me and Oshin, the resident sloth at the Tipon Zoo.  I also got to witness an incredible sunrise at Machu Picchu, then spent the day climbing thousands of stairs as I explored the ruins of this  UNESCO World Heritage site, and it made an indelible impression on me. Ask me about Fund for Teachers grants!

      I'm a passionate Seesaw Ambassador, and when Seesaw was selected as the elementary LMS at the start of the pandemic, I became one of the district Seesaw Administrators in Pearland, and have made it my professional mission to help as many teachers as I can come to love Seesaw the way I do.  I truly believe that Seesaw has the capacity to change the way you teach. 

Ms Louvier and Oshin
Ms Louvier at Machu Picchu
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