Coach Beyner



Degrees and Certifications:

Stephen F. Austin State University 2014 Bachelors in Science All Level Kinesiology All Level Special Education

Coach Beyner

Hi my name is Lyssa Beyner and I'm one of the Magnolia Elementary PE Teachers for 2020-2021 school year. I graduated from SFASU in May 2014 and started teaching Elementary PE in San Antonio for my first two years. I was born and raised in Seabrook, TX so my dream was to always make it home. In August 2016 my dreams came true and I have been able to teach Elementary PE in Pearland for the past 4 years. I am elated to start my 7th year teaching PE at Magnolia Elementary! My aim is to create a safe environment where students at all different developmental stages feel comfortable exploring physical activity in hopes of leading them to live a physically active life. I'm dedicated to providing all my students with the appropriate opportunities to succeed to the best of their own abilities. My willingness to go the extra mile for my students and my enthusiasm in the gym truly makes me a one of a kind coach.

 *We will have new protocols in the gym this year to increase social distancing and minimize the spread of germs.*

This year we will have PE every other day.  We plan to be outdoors as much as possible.  Please have your child wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes to PE.  Sandals and boots are not safe for the activities that we perform.  

Please send me a note if you need to have your child restricted from PE for any reason.  If the restrictions will last longer than a week, a doctor's excuse will need to be provided.  The state has rules regarding attendance time in PE and any missed time will need to be documented.

We would like for all of the children to have a wonderful and safe experience in Specials. This includes Art, Library, Music and Physical Education. To help accomplish this, the following Discipline Plan will be utilized.


Follow directions the first time they are given.
Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
Use all equipment and supplies properly as instructed.
Listen when the teacher is talking.
Use only school appropriate language.


verbal praise
will be picked to lead activities or be helpers
"Be Bucks" incentives


     1st Verbal warning

     2nd Verbal warning and a five minute time-out

     3rd Remove completely from the activity/conduct notice to parent

SEVERE DISRUPTIONS- Students that severely disrupt/fight/endanger others in the classroom will be sent to the Principal immediately.

 If your child has a continued discipline problem, you will be notified so that we can work together to solve the problem before it gets out of hand.

GRADES (with the exception of Library):

S- Satisfactory: The student is meeting the expectations in  class.
N- Needs Improvement:   The student has some discipline or participation problems and may not be following all of the rules.
U- Unsatisfactory: The student is having discipline issues and is not participating and/or following classroom/game rules.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call the gym or e-mail me at   

My conference time is from 8:00 AM till 8:45 AM.