Ms. Simone   Mitchell

Phone: 832.736.6400


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Magna Cume Laude) Business Management

Ms. Simone Mitchell

I am passionate about Art in many mediums and want to share and inspire you with creativity! I have studied Art in America and England graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Magna Cume Laude and Business Manangement. I have lived abroad for 15 years in England and New Zealand having traveled around the world many times seeing with my own eyes most of the art we study in books, online and see in the movies and I want to share with you my knowledge of those amazing experiences.

I will work hard for you...and I expect you to work hard for me. Let's have fun creating art this year!

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    Welcome to Art!

    What do you think about Art?

    Can't draw or paint? No worries.

    You're already a great artist? Great!

    There are many kinds of art and as they say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

    There isn't really a right or wrong in art interpretation but there are elements, principles and techniques that make a good piece of art.

    Together I want to inspire each other to create a fun and beautiful world.

    My hope is that this year's Art class will somehow inspire creativity in you for the rest of you life!