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Ms. Lisa Hickman



 I know that right now is a difficult and uncertain time and can be frightening. Right now we have few students in the classroom and temperature checks as well as sanitation procedures in place. We have been having mask social stories daily and reminders to keep their masks on. For those of you who chose distance learning, please be patient with me as I catch up with the technological changes in format as well as the content, scope and sequence of the curriculum designed to be a mixture of Circle, CLI Engage, Unique as well as Pearland's Pre-k curriculum as I meet the needs of each child. No one system of learning is designed to meet all the needs of children. For instance, the system of teaching writing currently adopted by the district to teach early and emergent writing skills is called Learning Without Tears, (formally known as Handwriting Without Tears). This is of course not an appropriate system of learning writing skills in children who are not equipped with the fine motor skills to perform the demands of learning writing in that manner. Instead, we teach an OT approved system of writing which concentrates on the development of these fine motor skills in order to get to the point where writing instruction can take place.

I, myself, have been teaching for 6 years, I substituted while in college as well as performed ABA work as a technician working in home to train the student and the parents in appropriate behavior modification techniques as well as replacement behavior techniques for approximately two years and substituted for two. I was an agency social worker before that and was responsible for the care and skill programming for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in group homes for four years. All and all I have a total of 14 years experience in education and community service! 

For this year, my office hours are daily from 11:20-12:05. I have a face to face conference hour on Fridays through the Teams app. I will post that link. Please be patient as I update the information.