Mrs. J. Jordan

Phone: 281-412-1500


Degrees and Certifications:

Graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana -Bachelor of Science in Biology -Master of Arts in Teaching

Mrs. J. Jordan

Hello Parents and Students!

Welcome to 5th Grade Mathematics. Our goal for the year is to prepare you for success beyond middle school. You will have the opportunity to stretch your mind to lengths you’ve never imagined.  The bar will be set high, but you will be given plenty of support throughout this year. 

My name is Ji-Peri Jordan and I have the honor of being a fifth grade Math teacher here at Leon Sablatura Middle School.  I am entering my 11th year of teaching, but this will be my third year here in Pearland.  I spent eight wonderful years teaching in the New Orleans areas (Geaux Saints!).  I have experience teaching students in grades 4-8.  Outside of the classroom, I spend my time being a very busy wife and mother.  I have two awesome boys who keep me involved in sports and plenty video games.  As a teacher, I am firm, but fun and my main focus is to promote growth.  I absolutely love Math and hope to share this enthusiasm with my students as we learn and grow this school year!  

Go Team Oregon! 






    PLEASE check SKYWARD weekly to be aware of your student's grades, missing assignments, and failing assignments.  I will, occasionally,  also send messages through Skyward to keep you in the loop.



    Students must bring all of their supplies to class daily including their agenda, pencil bag,

    Math interactive student notebook (ISN) and Purple Math folder. 


    ∗Conference Time                                  

    3:00pm - 3:50pm                                                                     

    I can also be reached by email at:




    ∗Tuesday Folder

    Every Tuesday a YELLOW folder will go home with each student.  It will contain important things such as - graded papers, notes and school wide information.  It will also contain your child's conduct card.  Remember to sign it and place it back in the Tuesday folder.  Students will return their Tuesday folders on Wednesday.  

    If the conduct is not returned on Wednesday, the following consequences apply:

    • Students receive a work habit mark.
    • If the conduct card is not returned and signed by Thursday, the students receive a lunch detention with their teacher.
    • If the conduct card is not returned and signed by Friday, the students receive a lunch detention and a call or email will be made/sent to the parent.
    • If the conduct card is not returned and signed by Monday, the student receives an after school detention and a replacement card.



    Students will write in their agendas every day.  Please review your child's agenda nightly for homework assignments or special notes.  Please initial the agenda each night after you have reviewed the information inside.



    You can stay informed about your child's grades by looking in the Thursday folder for their graded assignments and by checking Skyward.  Your students have also been trained on checking Skyward and tracking missing assignments and their current grade.


    Students can correct any failing assignment and earn up to 70%.  Assignments to correct will be distributed on Tuesday via the Tuesday Folder.  All corrections are due by Friday.  Students should use this  Corrections Form and must follow the instructions to receive any credit. 



    Students will be assigned Math homework on Tuesday's and Wednesday's.  Math Facts, written 4 times each for 2-12, are due each Friday that the student did not score a 90% on the Math Facts Quiz the week before.  

    If a student does not complete the homework.  The student will receive a conduct mark for "No Homework".  A ZERO will be entered into the grade book until the student returns the homework.

    At the end of a Progress Report or Report Card grading period, any missing or corrected work can no longer be turned in.

    Homework is 10% of your child's report card grade. 


    ∗Math Tutoring

    Wednesday Mornings   8:00 - 8:25

    (Will be moved to Friday morning in the event that there is a scheduled faculty meeting on Wednesday.) 

    Reasons to come to tutoring:

    * Correct work

    * Get help with something specific

    * Work on homework

    * Make-up a missing ISN entry

    * Complete make-up work


    ∗Staar Test

    The 5th grade Math Staar test will be on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.