6th Science & Social Studies Remote Learning Info

  • On this page (to the right in red) you will find the lesson plans for your distance learning as well as all the links you will need to complete your work at home. Be sure you are looking at the lesson for the correct week.

    ***Special Note***: for the remainder of the year students will have one graded assignment for Science and one graded assignment for Social Studies. The other assignments (noted on the lesson plans as "OPTIONAL") are enrichment exercises to continue their learning experience. 

    I've moved to Edmodo beginning this week so all the information you need will be located here on this webpage and Edmodo moving forward. 



    All of your Science lessons are done through your Science textbook called Accelerated Learning. The assignments will not show up until Monday morning and are due by Sunday night at 11:00 pm (7 days to complete them). 

    Your login is the same username and password you use to login on any computer at school! You can find the link here on my website or go to pearlanisd webpage, students, online textbooks, choose the yellow school house for Intermediate grades and then login. Then go down to Science and click on Accelerated Learning. You will see the list of assignments on that first page. You do NOT have to do everything that I assigned. Just follow the lesson plan starting from the top box and moving down to the bottom box. I have included extra things for anybody who wants or needs more practice

    **For any student with oral accommodations you can have everything read to you in Accelerated learning by highlighting/selecting the text and then choosing the speech bubble from the menu at the top.


    Social Studies

    See the lesson plans attached here. Check Edmodo each week for the links to the lesson in ClassKick. Also, you are welcome to print the assignments out using the links here on this page and then turn them in via email or Edmodo. 


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