• Oiler Hour  

    Welcome to Oiler Hour!!

    Oiler Hour is a new addition to Pearland High School for the 2017-2018 school year. This 60 minute portion of the day is focused on providing our students with additional time to develop a deeper understanding of their curriculum, utilize time management skills, and eat a quality lunch. For teachers, the hour will be split into two portions, an A-Shift and a B-Shift. Teachers will be providing tutorials built into the school day that students will be able to take advantage of, rather than having to stay after school.


    Oiler Hour Parent Presentation (last updated 8.21.2018)

    Oiler Hour Regular Bell Schedule (last update 8.21.2018)

    Lunch Eating Location Map (last updated 8.21.2018)

    Quick Reference Guide (last updated 8.21.2018)

    Oiler Lunch Duty & Tutoring Schedule  (last updated 1.9.2019)

    Student Tutoring Form (last updated 9.25.2018)