• Welcome to PACE for school year 2020 - 2021!

    Teacher Name:

    Tondo Ayawan

    Teacher Email :



    Science Composite 8 - 12

    Teaching Experience:

    8 years in Texas, 8 years out of the country

    Subjects Being Taught:

    Physics, Astronomy, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Systems


    Hello! As we begin the second semester of school year 2020 - 2021, I want to warmly welcome everyone to PACE and to my science classes. It will be a pleasure and honor to work with you. Hopefully, I will be able to help you grow educationally even in this time of so many uncertainties. I look forward to working with you to explore opportunities to improve, prosper, and succeed.


    For those who opted for on campus, your attendance will be based on your presence in the classroom. You will recieve learning instructions directly from me in the classroom. You will however need to access learning materials online and complete assignments online. 


    For those who opted to learn from home, your attendance will be based on you showing up on TEAMS unless specific instructions are provided for specific days. You are expected to attend all TEAMS live video conferences with your camera on, and showing you in a learning envoronment. You will recieve learning instructions through TEAMS conferences. You will access learning materials online and complete assignments online. 


    Note that we are using CANVAS as our main online space for learning materials and assignments. Canvas also has its messaging application where we can exchange messages related to the course. Please read your CANVAS inbox messages often. We are using Microsoft TEAMS for live video conferencing ang chat messaging. In addition, you can also use your school email. Lastly, most of the assignments posted in CANVAS will link to an application called CLASSKICK. This app allows me to monitor online assignments. Make sure that you have memorized your account credentials for all of these applications. 



    My Schedule

    • Period 1: Astronomy
    • Period 2: Environmental Systems
    • Restore 101
    • Period 3: Edgenuity
    • Period 4: Conference
    • Period 5: Anatomy and Physiology
    • Period 6: Edgenuity
    • Lunch
    • Period 7: Environmental Systems
    • Period 8: Physics


    • 2:45 - 3:15 Tuesday and Thursday
    • 6:55 - 7:15 Wednesday



    • In the event that CANVAS grades are not the same with SKYWARD grades,  the SKYWARD grades prevail over CANVAS grades.





Mr. Ayawan