• Contact: nguyens@pearlandisd.org

    Office Hours: Tues & Thurs at 9am to 10am 

    We hope you are all safe and healthy during this time. Please refer to this webpage for all information regarding our distance learning plan! In light of current events, we are continuing our students' education through distance learning. I will be providing resources, instruction, notes, and assignments through Office 365 for all Language Arts Assignments.

    All students must use their ELA Office 365 class notebook. Inside you will find handouts, your reading log, journal, directions, and the weekly menu of activities. I will be providing feedback to your work. The following link will help you access your Class Notebook:

                                Link:  How to Access Class Notebook

    All Assignments for SS will be assigned and completed on the SOCIAL STUDIES ONLINE TEXTBOOK. Please follow these steps to access your SS assignments.

    1. Have students go to https://mhe.pearlandisd.org/my.policy
    2. Username and password are the ones you use to log in to a computer at school.
    3. Select McGraw Hill Textbooks. Then choose “World Cultures & Geography, Texas”
    4. Under the tab “Student Lesson” you will find the content that you must read along with videos, maps, images, etc. after you read the lesson explore the mini tab “Activities and Assessments” to test your knowledge.
    5. Your assignment will be under the tab “My Assignments & Projects"

    Or you can watch this video: Student Instructions for Accessing Online Social Studies Textbook

    ***Please use the SS Weekly Assignments tab (to your left) to figure out what you must complete. All assignments will be found on the online textbook so remember to use the steps above!