Mr. Charles Crawford

Phone: 281-412-1599


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Arts Texas Southern University Major: Political Science Minor: Biology

Mr. Charles Crawford

I am an educator that believes every student has an inalienable right to an education.  I am a teacher that sees every student as an individual.  I am the type of teacher that cares about my students and the people that they become.



    Starting August 31, P.I.S.D will begin the 2020-21 school year in an unprecedented way—including new health protocols, physical distancing, and more.  A major difference is that we are preparing to deliver their education through a blended learning model. Blended learning means some students will be taught on-site in school for part of the week, and will attend school remotely on the other days of the week.

    We are ready for this: adapting and strengthening our practices; investing in the technology required to provide a quality online academic experience—including distributing lap-tops to students who need them.  Teachers  have been working to develop their skills as online instructors. We will update curriculum to reflect the blended online and in-person model, and to ensure the guidelines and curriculum include appropriate social-emotional learning and mental health supports. Class activities and instructions will also be delivered through CANVAS and TEAMS. You can access canvas from home just like how you always do it in school. Just make sure that you are using the Pearland I.S.D. link and from there, use your regular school log in information. Email me using my email if you need help with this. or canvas on the P.I.S.D. student page 



    1st Period: 7:15 - 7:57

    2nd Period: 8:02 - 8:44

    3rd Period: 9:24 - 10:09

    4th period: 10:14 - 10:56

    5th period: Planning Period

    Lunch: 11:44 - 12:14

    6th period: 12:19 - 1:02

    7th period: 1:07 - 1:50

    8th period: 1:55 - 2:50





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