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  • Academic Decathlon is the premiere national academic competition. Students study seven subject areas and compete by taking objective multiple choice tests in each: language and literature, science, social science, art, music, math, and economics mostly based on a centralized theme. In addition, students will write essays, give speeches, and interview for the subjective portion of the competition. Participation is impressive on college applications and helpful in all collegiate disciplines since the nature of the program is incredibly academic and competitive covering multiple subject areas simultaneously.

    Any student who enjoys learning and competition is welcome to join.

    The ACADEC team meets during the 5th period class.

    Fall Semester : all grade levels will participate in ACADEC competitions.

    Spring Semester: 9th & 10th grade students that are not on the ACADEC team will compete in the Octathlon competion.

  • Sponsor
    Robert Layne, Head Coach
    Lisa Atieno
    Ellen Lachney
    Harley Simms

    Stephanie Jaracz

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