• Cooperate with respect!
    • Hard work will get us far!
    • Open all ears for listening!
    • Instructions...follow them!
    • Remember to have fun!

    RESPECT!!: Students will show respect for each other, themselves, classroom materials, teachers, substitute teachers and other guests in the classroom.

    READ THE WHITEBOARD!:  It is the responsibility of the student to read the chalkboard every day for daily announcements and  daily bell work.


    Masks properly worn at all times unless singing outdoors.  Chairs must remain 6' apart. Sealed water bottles are allowed in the choir room.  No Gum, Candy,  or Food is allowed. Backpacks may be placed on back of chairs. Bring supplies, including devices, two pencils and erasers in pencil bag. Grade points will be deducted for not abiding by these policies.

    DEVICES should be fully charged and ready to go at the beginning of class; earbuds or headphones will be needed as well. Cellphones may not be practical for some online assignments and should remain in students’ backpacks

    Concert Dress:

    In-Class concerts per class: The ladies and gentlemen shall wear jeans, a choir shirt, black socks, and black shoes. No open-toed shoes. Black gym shoes are ok but must be completely black, no extra color.

    Anyone for whom this dress code creates a financial hardship should contact Ms. Adleman: private arrangements will be made to get what you need. Our first concert is TBD. Dress code concerns should be brought to Ms. Adleman no later than September 21st. Dress will be part of the grading rubric for the performance. Please see the choir shirt order form for more details about the choir shirt in Choir handbook.

    Grading Procedure *(subject to change):

    • Quizzes: 30%
    • Concert Attendance: 40%
    • In Class Work (Bell Work, Worksheets, etc.): 10%
    • Active, Daily Participation: 20%

    Late Work:

    School work will be accepted late after the due date for half credit. If the student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to check for missing work and will be given the extra day to complete it. ALL LATE WORK MUST BE TURNED IN THE MONDAY BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF THE SEMESTER. ANY LATE WORK RECEIVED AFTER THAT WILL BE A ZERO.


    Our fundraiser is a brochure/online fundraiser, Soy Candles. The start date is in November.  Sales begin prior to Thanksgiving break and are due upon return from break. The delivery date is in December prior to Christmas break.

    Materials Needed in  Backpack for Choir:

    Students will need the following list of materials:

    2 Pencils and erasers

    Loose-Leaf Paper

    Black 1" three ring binder


    Water Bottle (optional)

    Devices, earbuds

    Concert Dates:

    Students are required to attend all dress rehearsals and concerts. Concert dates are TBD (listed below)

    Veteran's Day Concert

    Winter/Holiday Concert 

    Spring Concert 

    All  dress rehearsals and concerts are mandatory attendance and count for a Major gradeIf you are to miss a rehearsal or concert, Ms. Adleman must be notified from your parent/guardian at least a week in advance. For unapproved absences, assignments will be made to recoup part of the credit. For excused absences, assignments will be made to recoup all of the credit.

    ♪ -^ Middle School Honor Choir:

    Students will be chosen from an auditioned group. More information will happen when auditions take place in September.


    In-class behavior is an essential aspect in a group setting; everyone must honor and respect each other’s right to learn. Students who display a lack of honor and respect during class will earn strikes. Strikes represent a loss of participation points for that day. Offenses that can earn a strike include but are not limited to: use of cell phone, gum or other food in class, continued non-participation after one warning, continued talking/disruption of class after one warning. If a student receives a strike, they will receive a paper with an x on it. When class is over, the process that follows is what will occur depending on how many strikes that student has received not only in that one class but previous and subsequent classes:

    • Speak with a teacher after class. Parent Contact.
    • Parent contact with documentation.
    • Behavior Contract with parent contact.
    • Parent Contact with documentation.
    • Referral to Office. Parent contact.

    Daily Participation:

    Positive and active involvement is required to earn the full daily participation each day. Excessive talking, off-task actions, etc. will result in deduction from a student’s daily participation grade. Rubrics for grades can be found at the end of this document

    Daily Participation Points Rubric:

    This list below lists how daily participation points will be earned in choir class. A student will be given a point if everything under that point is found to be true during class.

    Based on 4 points per day):

    4 – Students who are on time, are prepared with music and pencil and taking notes in the music as directed.  Students are on-task, focused, and not talking or causing classroom distractions.

    3 – Students who are on time, are prepared with music, pencil, and taking notes in the music as directed. The student may have been slightly distracted during the rehearsal or not following the directives as given.  This includes talking when directed not to

    2 – Students who are tardy, not fully prepared for class, and/or are excessively distracted or not following teacher directives.  This also includes excessive talking.  Student may be guilty of causing distractions during rehearsal.

    1 – All of the above items were not being met in accordance with classroom procedures and policies.  Student was causing excessive distractions and/or talking uncontrollably during rehearsal time.  

    0 – Student was removed from class due to behavior or blatantly not following classroom procedures/policies. If a student is absent from class (due to behavior,) he/she will receive a 0 and MUST complete a make-up worksheet in order to restore full classroom points. Make-up work must be turned in within one week of the missed class or the grade will remain a “0”. 

    Personal Note:

    Feel free to contact Ms. Adleman at Alexander at 832-736-6700 or via e-mail . Thank you for your continued support in your child’s future, education, and love of music! Thank you for supporting Alexander MS All-Star Choir!

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