• Debate and Speech helps students develop skills in persuasive speaking and the art of making a strong argument over a wide variety of topics. It also exposes these young people to and gives them a better understanding of prose, poetry and drama. It offers a wide variety of competitive events, and helps students develop socially and cognitively. Our team attends Texas Forensic Association (TFA) competitions, National Forensic League (NFL) competitions, in addition to competing in UIL Academic events. Students that advance in UIL Academic events might possibly have the opportunity to qualify for scholarships given by the UIL. There are no guarantees that a student will receive any of the UIL scholarships, but it is an opportunity and/or possibility that they might not otherwise have had. In addition, student participation in Forensics and Debate is a confidence-builder that is a tangible asset for any young person, as well as being a strong addition for their college application. Any student is eligible to participate whether or not he or she has previously had speaking and/or acting experience.

    Meetings: Every Thursday at 3pm in room 1623C


  • Sponsor: Mrs. Cage

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