• Dates for Turner Property Drop-Off and Student Personal Item Pick-Up


    These dates are for students who do not participate in an athletic or fine arts return and retrieval process.  Drop-off dates for athletics or fine arts programs can be found here.  

    Advanced Placement (AP) students will drop off May 26th - May 28th from 8:00am-11:00am (allowing AP students to keep their textbooks for the exam).  

    Parents and students only need to participate once in the drop-off process.  For example, if you are in athletics or fine arts program, you will return all district property and pick up items during the week of May 11-15.  If you are an AP student, you will return all district property and pick up items from May 26th - May 28th.

    If you only have textbooks or library books to return, a bin has been placed at ESC (1928 N. Main) for drop-off.  You can drop-off books at your convenience between May 4 – May 28.

    To prepare for drop-off and pick-up, please:

    • Gather textbooks, library books and other district property now.
    • Pay any fees/fines online (Skyward) by May 22.
    • Bring the materials on the date and times indicated for your last name. 

    On the day of drop-off and pick-up, the following procedures will be followed:

    • Parents and students will remain in their car. 
    • Parents and students are encouraged to wear gloves and face coverings.
    • If you are feeling ill, please do not attend.
    • We expect all participants and staff to maintain social distancing standards.
    • All vehicle traffic will enter the back of Turner High School from McLean Road. Vehicles will follow the traffic flow for drop-off at curbside then exit the back of Turner through Veterans Drive.  See traffic flow map below.
    • Place student name and grade on passenger side dashboard; have student ID, if applicable.
    • Return any district property such as textbooks and library books.
    • Personal items will be placed in bags prior to your designated drop-off/pick-up day and can be retrieved at this time.
    • Staff will be available for medication pick-up. Some medication will require a parent signature.