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  • Realizing that the current COVID-19 pandemic has radically affected “normal” school operations, and that social distancing restrictions may remain a necessity next school year, Pearland ISD is planning to maximize educational opportunity by planning for 3 intertwined possibilities:

    • On-campus instruction to students - with required social distancing measures in place.
    • Distance learning from home
    • A Hybrid system whereby students are both on campus in smaller numbers and learning through remote methods when away from school.

    All three of these possibilities must be available to meet a surge in infections or in cases where a student/staff/class or school becomes infected. We have been continuously warned that surges in the pandemic or other realities may require further temporary closures of school campuses next school year. Thus, we must be prepared for a combination of on-campus, distance, and hybrid learning next school year, realizing we may have to make rapid changes/additions to the district’s calendar of instruction. In our planning efforts, we have established a large “Return to School” committee comprised of leaders and advisors from each major area of district operations, as well as parents. We are meeting on a weekly basis.

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