Degrees and Certifications:

BFA University of Houston-Clear Lake Texas Educator Certifications: Fine Arts K-12 Social Studies 8-12 Early Childhood Education K-6

Mrs. Deaton



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    Hi Jaguars! I am so excited to be one of your art teachers here at Sam Jamison Middle School!  Art is such a fun and therapeutic outlet, as well as an important part of our history.  In my class, students will learn about the Elements of Art & Principals of Design, and explore and analyze various famous artists and art movements.  We will also use our growing artistic knowledge and skill to create a variety of artworks, and even participate in several different art contests throughout the year.  Be sure to check Canvas daily for art announcements, daily assignments, project lessons and class updates.  Have fun creating, stay safe, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

     My conference time is Monday-Friday 11:05-11:50. 

    Middle School Art Supplies (Estimated cost is $10-$15)

    1- Manila File Folder to be used as your portfolio


    Pencil Eraser 

    Colored Pencils  

    Pencil Sharpener

    Crayons 24 ct. box 

    Markers 8-10ct 

    Ruler (wooden or plastic) 


    Glue or Glue Stick 

    Fine Tip and Ultra Fine Tip Black Sharpies 

    Watercolor Set-8 oval pans 

    ***Optional supplies: 

    Oil Pastel Set

    9x12 White Paper for projects- but copy paper will work 

    The Jaguar Way:

    Sam Jamison Middle School

    Jaguar Expectations:

    • Respect others and their belongings & time
    • Be prepared for class-bring portfolio, projects, art supplies and technology DAILY
    • Listen, pay attention, follow directions, and get permission to speak or leave your seat (face-to-face learners)
    • Submit assignments on time
    • Check Canvas DAILY

    Jaguar Consequences:

    • 1 Mark = Verbal Warning
    • 2 Marks = Seat Change/Redirection
    • 3 Marks = Phone Call 
    • 4 Marks = Lunch or Virtual Detention
    • 5 Marks = After School or Virtual Detention
    • 6 Marks = Office Referral

    Behavior Expectations for Students Receiving Digital Instruction

    Students are to:

    • adhere to the behavior expectations outlined in the district’s Code of Conduct;
    • follow all district and campus handbook rules and guidelines.
    • adhere to the teacher’s class rules (virtual and face-to-face).
    • be dressed and groomed in accordance with the district’s dress code at all times.
    • use appropriate language for all forms of communication including but not limited to: e-mails, discussion postings, group projects, and assignments.
    • be respectful and refrain from using profanity or offensive language whether written, spoken, illustrated, or displayed.
    • be courteous to others at all times and are prohibited from making recordings of others whether audio or visual, including but not limited to screenshots and videos, of virtual or face to face classrooms. Only District staff and personnel are permitted to record a portion of a class whether virtual or face-to-face. 
    • adhere to the to the district’s acceptable use policy for technology. Anyone failing to comply with this policy is subject to being denied privileges of future use and be provided alternate opportunities for remote instruction.
    • behave in a manner appropriate for a classroom setting at all times and in all class venues. Illegal and/or inappropriate activity or behavior prohibited by the district’s Code of Conduct shall be reported in accordance with applicable laws, policies, and regulations. 

    The Artist Pledge:

    As an artist, I pledge to try my best every day. I will...

    A- Always listen and follow instructions

    R- Raise my hand before speaking

    T- Treat others and supplies with respect

    I- Imagine my own ideas and be creative

    S- Stay in my seat

    T- Take time to clean up my mess