• On-campus learners must be physically in class to be counted present each period. 
    • On-campus learners will not be allowed to stay home and log into TEAMS to be counted present, unless approved by an administrator/nurse. 
    • Parents will need to turn in a note for any absence. Absence Note Procedures. Doctor's notes can be faxed to 281-997-7893.


    • Remote learners must log into all synchronous classes(all core classes & Spanish)to be counted present. 
    • Remote learners must join the class live and turn on their camera or they will be marked absent. 
    • Students musthave their camera on during exam times as well.  If they do not turn on their camera, they will not be allowed to take the exam.
    • All asynchronous classes a student MUST log into Canvas every day and complete the assignment by 11:59pm each day. 
      • Art, AV Tech, Band, Choir, Miller Moment, PE, Theater Arts,
    • Miller Moment is an asynchronous class and student must log in each day
    • Parents will need to turn in a note for any absence using the absence note procedures. If you feel there is a discrepency with your child's attendance, please contact your child's teacher via email and cc their Assistant Principal. 


    For more information regarding the attendance policy, please use the links below.  

    Attendance Policy

    Compulsory Attendance Law

    Pearland ISD Pledge #2: High Quality Instruction


    You can view your childs attendance in Skyward.


    Dawn Thomas (A-K)


    Crystal Felix (L-Z)




    Becky Wilkinson

    Attendance Clerk


    281-997-7893 (fax)