• Pledge 1 Pearland ISD Pledge #1: Health and Safety
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    Pearland ISD will continue to follow all requirements from federal, state, and local health and government authorities and will strongly consider recommended guidance. The district/campus may include additional mitigating measures as needs arise to ensure student safety.

    • General Health Protocols
    • Face Coverings
    • Health and Hygiene Practices
    • Building Logistics/Procedures
    • Campus Cleaning Plan
    • Response to Lab-Confirmed Case of COVID-19 (Deep Cleaning)
    • Arrival/Dismissal/Transitioning
    • Meal Service
    • Transportation
    • Extracurricular/Non-Academic Activities
    • Testing/Vaccinations 




    Pledge 2 Icon Pearland ISD Pledge #2: High Quality Instruction
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    Pearland ISD is dedicated to providing a high-quality education to all Pearland ISD students.

    • High Quality Instruction
    • Intervention for Learning Loss
    • 1:1 Device Utilization
    • Specialized Programs




    Pledge 3 Icon Pearland ISD Pledge #3: Student and Staff Support
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    Pearland ISD is dedicated to providing academic, social and emotional support to students and staff to help build resiliency skills.

    • Counselor Support Information
    • Outreach Support Information
    • Social and Emotional Needs for Students and Staff