Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Asc: General Pre-Med Bac: English: Literature Bac: History: U.S. History Mas: History: British Empire Mas: Education: Curriculum and Instruction Doc: Education: Social Studies/Social Education Doc: Management: Executive Leadership Law: NonProfit Law Edu Certs: History Social Studies Composite UIL Certs: Boys Swimming and Diving Girls Swimming and Diving Athletics Trainer Industry Certs: Human Resource Management

Dr. Jay McLeeland

I began teaching in FBISD in 2007 before transitioning to higher education for 13 years where I was a Curriculum Designer, Full Professor, Program Chair, and Interim Director. With a multidisciplinary background spanning Medicine. History, English, Education, Business Leadership, and Legal Studies, I bring a variety of approaches to my teaching methodology. This will be my first year with Pearland ISD but my 15th year of teaching. I believe education is life long and, as is evident from my educational background,  I have been in school consistently for the last 37 years. 

While I can teach any of the Social Studies Suite, in 2021-2022 it is my honor to focus on Government, Geography and join Men's and Women's Aquatics as the Assistant Coach to Coach Westmoreland and am the PISD unified Dive Coach.

About Me:

Born and orphaned in Belfast, North Ireland, I came to the United States when I was seven (7) after being adopted by an American soldier. Having served in the U.S. Army at 17 as a 19D (Cavalry Scout) I learned discipline and focus. Overcoming injuries and loss, I returned to civilian life to face the challenges of higher education. Through the dedication of self-enrichment and personal motivation, I found my path to success. 

Though I have won several awards, both in teaching and community environments, ironically, I most remember being honored as an "In Search of Excellence, Christa McAuliffe, Educator of the Year" recipient for the City of Houston. Why? Because when I came to the United States one pivotal memory I have was watching the Challenger Disaster live on television, and seeing Christa McAuliffe board that shuttle, bound for the heavens. Who knew 33+ years later I would be honored as a teacher in her memory.

Bridging culturally diametric life experiences, I married in 2012 to an amazing woman who hails from Liberia, West Africa; we have two sons. 

I have published in gaming magazines and performed research/published on leadership in homeowners’ associations and personal finance industries. My next endeavor is to co-publish a children's book with my son who, at 6, is already a brilliant cartoonist.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, cycling, collecting 80's memorabilia like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and resting my oh-so-tired brain.

 My Methodology:

I am a constructivist by nature and enjoy the dialogue of education. As a narrative historian, it is the interrelationship of the events to the overarching theme of history and social studies that has the greatest overall impact for me. I do not expect every student to love social studies the way I do or want to be a social studies major, but I do expect every student to develop the skills of a critical thinker, evolve a sense of situational awareness, and feel secure in their understanding and internalization of factors in the world around them. The beauty of an analytical mind is that no matter where you land, there will be your greatest asset...a righteous mind!

Parents: I look forward to our partnership. I will connect with each of you for a synergy that will enhance our overall efficacy. Your input will increase my ability to educate and my feedback will increase the parental role in the educational process. My classroom is inclusive, open, and safe. I look forward to meeting everyone, students and parents alike. 


My thanks,

Dr. M



  • Room: 1608



    Oiler Time: Daily

    Wednesday 2:40-3:10

    Before School by Appointment



    5:30-7:00       PHS Aquatics

    7:15-8:03       1st Period: Conference Period

    8:09-8:57       2nd Period: Government

    9:03-9:51       3rd Period: Government

    9:57-1051      4th Period: Government

    10:57-11:27   Oiler Time

    11:27-11:57   B Lunch

    11:57-12:47   5th Period: Government

    12:53-1:41     6th Period: World Geography

    1:47-2:35       7th Period: Swim Team

    2:00-4:00       PHS Aquatics