Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science - Geography Master of Arts - Cross-cultural Studies

Ms. Shanks

Pearland High School

World Geography

Room 1500 

Conference: 6th period

Tutorials: Tues. & Thurs. 2:40-3:30 (*subject to change) 

(**also available by appointment as needed)



Full time educator, social scientist, and mother of three.

Part time explorer, photograher, and art enthusiast.  

Born elsewhere but got to Texas as fast as I could.  

Proud graduate if Clear Creek HS 1998.

Earned a Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University if Houston-Clear Lake by 2004 and 

a Master of Arts in Cross-cultural Studies by 2012.  

In my free time, I am often found under a jeepster, covered in grease.

I welcome all to my classroom and look forward to guiding students on their own educational paths. 

I am excited to teach but just as excited to learn what each unique student has to contribute to our exploration of World Geography topics.