• Spring 2019-2020 Student Password Reset Day
    January 8th and 9th
    Parents and Students,
    Students are required to change their passwords every semester.

    Student passwords will be reset by technology on Wdnesday, January 8th at 8:00 am.  Students will not be able to access Office 365, Canvas, or online textbooks after 8 am until they change their password. Students have the following options to reset their password:



    Students will have the opportunity to reset their passwords before school or during Eagle Hour in the library's lab on the 9th and 10th. 

    Wdnesday,  January 8th after 8:00 am students may access the PASSWORD RESET PORTAL from home using any browser or device that has internet connection.
    Students will need the following information when changing their password:
    1. Student Username (ex. abc.12345)
    2. Student ID number 
    3. Last 4 digits of student Social Security Number (only when resetting password at home)


    Pearland ISD imposes the following password rules:

    • Must use 8 – 16 characters
    • Must have:
      • One Upper Case Letter
      • One Lower Case Letter
      • One Number
    • You cannot use a password previously used
    • You cannot use any part of your first or last name