• Virtual Learning Academy

  • Pearland ISD Virtual Learning Academy

    Pearland ISD is determining interest in a virtual learning academy for K-6 students. While Texas school districts are not required to offer a virtual learning option, due to SB15 districts are able to receive regular daily attendance funding for students under given parameters, if students meet eligibility requirements. In order to have time to properly plan and begin virtual learning at the start of the second grading period, applications will only be accepted September 22 - September 26. 

    Applications will not be accepted after September 26, 2021. Students that do not meet eligibility criteria will not be accepted and there will not be an appeal process.  If applications exceed teacher capacity, students that meet the application deadline will be chosen by a lottery system. A virtual learning option will be dependent on final enrollment numbers and will only offer minimum services to meet promotion requirements. Submitting an application does not guarantee enrollment.

    The choice to enroll a child in virtual learning is an important decision that requires multiple considerations.  Please review the information below to ensure you are making the best-informed decision for your child and your family.


    General Information and Criteria for Virtual Learning

    • The virtual learning program is a temporary option that is planned to conclude at the end of the first semester.  Students participating in temporary virtual learning will be welcomed back to their home campus on January 6, 2022.
    • The virtual learning program is not intended to replace in-person learning. It may not mirror the schedule of in-person learning and is subject to be modified at any time.
    • Acceptance will be denied if a student has had one or more of the following:
      • Excessive absences
      • Did not achieve satisfactory on a 2021 STAAR exam (for students in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6)
      • Did not earn a grade of a C or higher in each of the foundation curriculum courses (Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reading/Language Arts),
      • Disciplinary infractions
      • Limited academic progress during the previous school year(s).
    • Acceptance into this program is based on the availability of space and instructional staff at each grade level.
    • The virtual learning option is a nine-week commitment.
    • Temporary virtual learners will be assigned a Pearland ISD teacher. Students may be assigned a teacher from another campus during enrollment in the virtual program.
    • Course offerings, specifically electives and extra-curricular (Robotics, Band, Choir, etc.), will be limited.  All students will be enrolled in asynchronous PE and art for the duration of virtual learning.  Students currently enrolled in 6th grade band/choir will be allowed to return to these electives upon their return to on-campus learning.
    • Students will not be able to attend on campus events except for specific course or assessment requirements.
    • Only minimum services to meet promotion requirements will be offered.
    • While enrolled in the virtual learning program, students must maintain a minimum of 90% attendance and remain in good disciplinary standing.
    • Students must comply with the Student Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Guidelines related to the use of technology.
    • A parent or adult must be home to facilitate learning during the scheduled instructional hours.
    • Each virtual learner must have a reliable device and internet access.