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    PHS Attendance Office

    A-Gart: Ms. Jessica Patterson  
    Garu-Nob: Ms. Shelly McKay
    -Z: Ms. Jessica Young

    New Attendance Procedure:
    A parent note must be submitted within 3 school days of the student’s return or the absence will remain unexcused.
    The district will only allow parent notes for checkouts and excuses.
    No verbal checkouts over the phone or email requests will be accepted. The student will present the attendance office with a note before school to receive a pass to leave class early.
    No checkouts allowed after 2 PM.
    The district will only be accepting Board Approved excused absences.
    Example: Club Sports will not be excused.

    Student Absence Parent/Medical Note Link
    (Click on the link above to submit an electronic note)


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