• Pearland ISD Spot Rezoning

  • Parent Information Sessions
  • F.A.Q.
  • Proposed Zone Changes
  • Presentation
  • Pearland ISD Spot Rezoning Information 

    Pearland ISD is currently experiencing overcrowding at some campuses and lower enrollment at others. Due to this trend, we must consider the spot rezoning of some campuses to balance out enrollment, providing greater opportunity for all children with optimal use of space and resources.

    Magnolia Elementary is overcrowded and we must reduce their enrollment numbers. The district is proposing to realign attendance zones affecting Magnolia Elementary and Massey Ranch Elementary. The proposal includes all of the following scenarios:

    • Magnolia students rezoned to Carleston: students residing in Ashton Park, Centennial Village and on Hatfield Rd. between Fite Rd. and Mary’s Creek. Park Village Estates could replace Ashton Park in the proposal.
    • Magnolia students rezoned to Massey Ranch: students residing south of Bailey Rd.
    • Massey Ranch students rezoned to Silverlake/Silvercrest: students residing at the St. Andrews and Southwind Apartments.

    Additionally, Pearland Parkway has a new neighborhood being built that is currently zoned to Cockrell Elementary. With the proposed spot rezoning, this neighborhood would be zoned to CJ Harris Elementary.

    Zoning changes would be effective in August 2022-23. Incoming fourth-graders from Magnolia and Massey Ranch elementaries who live in areas affected by the proposed rezoning may be grandfathered to remain at their current campus for one year. A grandfather transfer application would be required to continue attendance and transfer eligibility would be required. Siblings will not be included and transportation will not be provided. 


    Parent Information Sessions

    Parents from all rezoned areas will have the opportunity to ask questions concerning Pearland ISD’s spot rezoning efforts. Below is a schedule of meetings for each impacted area. The meetings will take place at Magnolia and Massey Ranch elementary cafeterias.

    Magnolia to Carleston Rezoned Areas
    Magnolia Café
    Tuesday, November 30, 6:30 pm

    Magnolia to Massey Ranch Rezoned Areas
    Magnolia Café
    Tuesday, December 7, 6:30 pm

    Massey Ranch to Silvercrest and Silverlake Rezoned Areas
    Massey Ranch Café
    Thursday, December 9, 6:30 pm

    Magnolia to Massey Ranch Rezoned Areas (Park Village Estates) 
    Magnolia Café
    Thursday, February 3, 6:00 pm 

  • Spot Rezoning F.A.Q.

  • Why does Pearland ISD need to rezone?

  • When will rezoning take effect?

  • How will rezoning impact feeder patterns?

  • How were the areas selected to be rezoned?

  • Will transportation be provided for my student?

  • If my student is in the Dual Language Program and is rezoned to Massey Ranch, why do they attend Carleston?

  • If my student is in a special program will services be offered for transition to new campus?

  • How does my student apply for a transfer as a rising 4th grader or for a different campus?

  • Why can't new students be moved to a different school instead of impacting families that have lived in the Magnolia Zone?

  • Proposed Zone Changes


  • Magnolia Area
    Rezoned to Carleston
  • Magnolia Area
    Rezoned to Massey Ranch
  • Massey Ranch Area
    Rezoned to Silverlake and Silvercrest
    (St. Andrews and Southwind Apartments)
  • Barbara Cockrell Area
    Rezoned to C.J. Harris