Dawson Music Honor Society Banner. The image is the name of the organization surrounded by music notes.

Welcome to the Dawson Music Honor Society School page!

  • Dawson Music Honor Society is a Tri-M- affiliated honor society dedicated to providing community service through music and showcasing Dawson's talented musicians. Activities in this organization include – but are not limited to – charity concerts, music nights for elementary schools, caroling, and recitals at hospitals, churches, and nursing homes. Students who have participated in at least one semester of either Dawson High School's choral or band program may apply when applications come out in the 4th term. Inducted members attend monthly meetings and participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. 

    To learn more about our organization, please visit the Dawson Music Honor Society Personal Website

    To learn more about Tri-M, the United State's only national honor society, please visit their website here.

    Meet day: Friday A Lunch

    Location: 1410 A

    Sponsor: Ms. Roxan Silva

    Any inquires and questions can be sent to Ms. Silva or to our email dawsonmhs1@gmail.com 

Tri-M Music Honor Society Logo
  • "If music be the food of love, play on"

    - William Shakespeare