Green Pearland
  • Our Mission

    • To create and maintain a comfortable environment for Pearland ISD students and employees
    • To raise awareness of energy issues
    • To promote energy savings practices


    We want to have a budget-friendly solution for everything we do. By reducing the amount of energy we use, we reduce district spending. This means more money to spend on things we really care about:

    • More money for teachers and staff
    • More education and staff development programs
    • New equipment

    Energy Efficiency

    Energy is a precious resource, and currently most of our energy sources are from non-renewable fossil fuels. By using energy wisely, we can better provide for our children, as well as teach them to see the "bigger picture."


    Pearland ISD is a proud member of the Texas Energy Managers Association, Energy Education and Energy for Schools.

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  • Keith Ordeneaux
    Energy & Risk Manager